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2016 GSB SF Study: Selected Observations



In terms of the number of search funds raised, 2015 (latest year for which data is available) was a record year. Much of this was due to greater visibility and awareness, both among prospective searchers and investors, of the search fund model. It is likely that the next several years will continue to see an increase in activity— acquisitions, failed searches, company closures, and successful exits—as the funds that were raised over the past few years mature and the model continues to be adopted more broadly in the entrepreneurial community.

“Many more search funds have been raised in recent years than in the past. Since 2007, 10 or more funds have been raised each year, with 2015 reaching peak level 43 new funds. Similarly, 2015 saw a jump in acquisitions with16, up from the previous high of 10 in 2012.”

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES)

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