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A Pre-Search Fund Case Study

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A Searcher’s Pre-Search Fund Path Is Winding And Complex

The road map to successfully raising a search fund has never been a simple “first A, then B” kind of journey.  But, sometimes the most confusing part of it all is the simple task of getting started. 

How do you know where to begin or whether you’re even ready to launch a search fund? Or, how do you go about raising a fund in the first place? These are important pre-search fund questions all searchers need to ask. Regrettably, the answer isn’t always what they want to hear.

Sri Bodapati wanted to raise a search fund

Recent Booth alum Sri Bodapati, MBA ’17, knew early on in his MBA career he wanted to launch a search fund. Admittedly “fallen in love” with the entire ETA concept, Sri knew where his passion lied. But, like many current students, he wasn’t sure he had the résume to back up his ambition of raising a fund. Additionally, he wondered how to go about planning a solid pre-search fund strategy.

“A couple investors advised me to consider working at one of their portfolio search companies to get a bit more experience under my belt…
“…So, I worked closely with Jim Edmunds at Search Fund Partners, and Martin Steber and Sandro Mina of Relay Investments, looking through their portfolios to try to find a company that would be a good complement for my background…
“…Eventually, I found a great fit with the search company, where I could gain insight into what was happening in each of the different teams and really learn how the business worked as a fully functioning whole.”

Sri Bodapati

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