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Relay Searchers Take On Travel Industry

VIA gestió, Online Business Website | Lima, Perú —


Collins Family Ventures, a [Relay Investments-backed] search fund based in the United States, has zeroed in on Perú.  After reviewing acquisition prospects of some 15,000 companies around the world, the group decided on acquiring an international chain of travel companies called Travelmax, including its local company and other travel holdings in Perú. Said Simone Collins, Co-Managing Director of the search fund and now CEO of Travelmax, “This is a company that genuinely called our attention because of its potential for the the type of growth we’re looking to achieve.”

“We discovered that in South America the tourism category is growing rapidly, and that Peru, in particular, has an immense potential for growth– not only in the overall travel industry, but in several related sectors as well.”

Simone Collins



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