Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Search Fund Investing. Global Scale.

Our Founders have 45+ years of superior results in the Search Fund asset class.

Employment Growth and Search Fund Investing

Search fund investing generates employment growth and a demonstrably positive ESG impact– Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance– in their local communities. See how.

Making The Switch From VC to Search Funds

Relay-backed searchers Malcolm and Simone Collins of Family Collins Ventures have taken on the hyper-competitive Travel & Leisure global market with their purchase of Travelmax.

Search Funds: Super-Charged Career Builders

For the ones with talent, discipline, and drive, Search Funds put entrepreneurs at the helm of a small but profitable vessel, and open up the entire open skies of commerce for exploration.

Want To Launch  Your Own Search Fund?

“Sandro and Martin have been very helpful and easy to reach. They provide great feedback on the opportunities presented and valuable insights and advice on each phase of the search.”

Lysandra G K Alves

Lysandra G K Alves Managing Director, Meissa Capital LLC. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I’ve been able to count on the support of Martin and Sandro at every turn. They are more than investors in my search fund — they invest in my personal development and commit to my success as an entrepreneur. Their guidance to me as a solo searcher is that much more important.”

joaquin cepeda

Joaquín Cepeda Managing Partner, Andino Capital Partners. Bogotá, Colombia

“Sandro and Martin are great investors and advisors. They are very generous with their time and give prompt and sincere feedback, which is essential for any searcher undergoing the search process.”

Joao Diogo Stoffel

João Diogo Stoffel General Manager, Planalto Capital. Lisbon, Portugal

“Sandro and Martin have been a terrific resource…for their industry knowledge, personal experience, and extensive network of operators. We look forward to a long partnership with them.”

Blake Rice

Blake Rice President, Planet DDS, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA USA
“Relay Investments is a key contributor to the success of our business. We couldn’t ask for better partners.  As board member, Martin is hands on, helping us expand our business…He provides guidance, joins calls, and connects us within our industry.”

Erik Mikkelsen

Erik Mikkelsen President, UCIT Online Security, Inc. Toronto, ON Canada
“The Relay Investments team has been a great investor-partner for me as a search fund entrepreneur…Sandro and Martin are fully engaged, well informed on emerging markets, and have facilitated a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Jane Kaggwa

Jane Kaggwa CEO, AquaVita Holdings, Inc. Nairobi, Kenya
“Sandro’s and Martin’s experience and perspective are invaluable. They’re actively engaged… As we searched opportunities, they helped us talk through key considerations in evaluating targets.”

Michael Curry

Michael Curry CEO, Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics, Inc. Towson, MD USA

“Relay Investments has been an instrumental sounding board…Particularly during difficult decisions, the Team is a key contributor to the ongoing success of Grupo Torre Médica.”

Julian Arber

Julian Arber Commercial Director, Grupo Torre Médica. Mexico City, Mexico

“Martin is an exceptional board member. By leveraging his expertise and connections, we have been able to smoothly transition and grow the business to the next level.”

Seena Mortazavi

Seena Mortazavi CEO, Chronus, LLC. Bellevue, WA USA

“Sandro and Martin drive a strong investor-searcher relationship. Their global investing experience provided me valuable insights into my own deal in the DR. They’re always quick to respond and offer specific guidance– I know I can always count on their support. I truly enjoy working with Relay.”

Kalil Diaz

Kalil Diaz CEO, Contact Centers Dominicana. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“We could not have achieved our stellar outcomes without the benefit of Sandro’s counsel…Sandro and Relay understood our “software as a service” business, were active from our initial search stage, and were available at key decision points during our 7-year hold period.”

Girish Pashhilkar

Girish Pashilkar CEO, Workplace Answers. Austin, TX USA

“Sandro and Martin are invested in us personally…At every stage of the process, they act with objectivity, consistency and conviction. Relay Investments ‘walks the walk’ in delivering differentiating characteristics of a search fund investor.”

Anish Patel

Anish Patel Managing Director, Glevum Heating, Ltd. Gloucester, UK

Martin and Sandro were instrumental in helping us launch our search fund. Their expertise in emerging markets was especially important to us since our target search is focused in Argentina”

Esteban Kallay

Esteban Kallay Managing Partner, Patagonia Capital Partners. Buenos Aires, Argentina

“No one seeks to create more value-added networking opportunities than Sandro and Martin. They draw from years of experience in the search investment process…And with Sandro on my board, I see firsthand how he channels this experience into growing the business and investment.”

Chris Avery

Chris Avery CEO, Richmond, VA USA

“Noch wichtiger als die rein finanzielle Unterstützung ist bei jedem unternehmerischen Unterfangen die Expertise, die einem erfahrene Investoren bieten können. Relay zeichnet sich aus unserer Sicht genau durch diesen kooperativen Ansatz aus, bei dem bereitwillig Wissen vermittelt wird und so langfristige Werte geschaffen werden.”

Till Bossert

Till Bossert CEO, Innovative Building Technology GmbH. Hennef, Germany

“Martin is a very valuable board member…He helps me cut through the noise with objective advice and critiques. Experienced operators, both Martin and Sandro are very supportive of the entrepreneur, highly responsive, and willing to help…”

Alex Lintott

Alex Lintott CEO, Subatomic Digital. Williston, VT USA

“In pioneering a search fund within a new geography, I encountered unique challenges. Sandro’s and Martin’s guidance and ongoing support based on years of working with international search fund entrepreneurs were priceless in crossing these hurdles.”


Guy SolomonGuy Solomon Managing Partner, Trail Mark Partners. Tel Aviv, Israel

“As seasoned operators and investors, Sandro and Martin have offered invaluable support throughout all phases of our search and acquisition. As board member, Sandro brings immense insight…”

Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim CEO, Omatic Software, LLC. North Charleston, SC USA

“Sandro understands the challenges of acquiring and growing a business…Relay Investments has been an important partner for Repli, S.L. and a key element in our success…They are extremely supportive both in good and tough times.”

marc bartolomeus

Marc Bartomeus CEO, Repli, S.L. Barcelona, Spain

“During our search phase, Sandro and Martin were always very helpful, evaluating companies and deals, contributing their know-how…Key for Searchers going through the search phase, given significant deals and data to evaluate, is this type of very beneficial and open-channel searcher-investor relationship…”

André Freire

André Freire Co-CEO, I.S. Logística. São Paolo, Brazil

“I count on The Relay Team for their enormous resource during the entire fundraising process. Sandro and Martin are invaluable because of their global investing experience, are very responsive, and down to earth. They have become a core part of Maestrale Capital since day 1.”

Vito Giurazza

Vito Giurazza Principal, Maestrale Capital. Milan, Italy

We’ve backed 100+ search funds around the globe. Are you next?